WWE Clears Corey Graves For In-Ring Return

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Photo Credit – WWE

As reported earlier today by Sean Ross Sapp with Fightful Select, their sources close with Corey Graves say he was medically cleared by WWE doctors some time in the last year.  

After seven years, it is possible that we could see Graces in the ring very soon. Just last week he tweeted a hand raising emoji in response to WWE asking fans who should declare for the Rumble match to wrestle Johnny Knoxville. In July of 2021, added fuel to the fire when he tweeted, “I was put on this earth to do something. What I’m doing is not it.” Not too long after he simply tweeted, “I kinda want to wrestle again.”

Of course, it could just be that Graves likes commentary more than the prospect of returning to the ring and is just trolling with the fans. Rumors that Corey will return to the ring makes the rounds multiple times a year, every year since his injury. He clearly loves to fuel the speculation as well. 

In April of 2020, Graves talked about being inspired by Edge’s return and wanting to come out of retirement. Then in May of 2020, it was revealed he was training with his brother, Sam Adonis. 

In November 2021, it was revealed that he was no longer on WWE’s “no contact” list when he won the 24/7 title. Sources with Fightful and close the WWE creative have said that there have been internal pitches for Graves, but nothing has stuck. It is unclear if those pitches were made by Graves or WWE creative. One source close to creative said they were not aware that Graved was cleared. 

If he does return anytime soon, it would be after 7 years of in-ring retirement. In late 2014, Graves announced his retirement after suffering two consecutive concussions earlier in the year. SInce, he has been a staple of WWE’s commentary tables. 

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No one is sure whether or not WWE will actually let Corey Graves return to the ring. However his addition to the men’s roster would be exciting. (Given that creative have ideas lined up for his return. Unfortunately no one can ever be sure how likely that is)

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