Why Alberto Del Rio’s Altercation With A WWE Employee Led To His Release

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Dutch Mantell, also known as Zeb Colter to many WWE fans, recently explained why the altercation between a WWE employee and former world champion Alberto Del Rio led to the Mexican star’s release.

Alberto Del Rio was released in August 2014 due to “unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.” This was before his return in late 2015 when he captured the U.S. title against John Cena only to be fired again in September of 2016.

Apparently, Del Rio had slapped a writer or production assistant backstage due to some sort of issue regarding that employee leaving some items in the catering area. This would’ve reportedly angered Del Rio who went ahead and slapped the employee.

Dutch Mantell, broke down the situation to WSI’s James Romero:

“Somebody says, ‘Hey, you gonna take this with you?’ He says, ‘No, they’ll clean it up.’ ‘They don’t have anybody to clean it up.’ ‘Ah, Alberto will get it.’ And he’s just kidding. Well, he made Alberto very mad, and he stands up and he said, ‘Why did you say that?’ He took offense to it, so he ends up just open-handed slapping this guy. I don’t know if he knocked him down, but he stunned him.” (H/T Sportskeeda)

Alberto was reportedly surprised at his firing as he claims it was the employee who disrespected him so all he did was defend himself.

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