Honestly: How Far Will the Forbidden Door Open?

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One of the big questions fans were asking towards the 2022 Royal Rumble, is who was going to be in the Women’s Rumble. With less than 30 women on Raw and Smackdown combined, there were plenty of questions who would fill those remaining spots. Many speculated that WWE would fill the rumble with either NXT stars or bring back old legends. However, no one expected that they would go to another company for talent.

But in a surprising move, current Impact Knockouts champion Mickie James has been announced for the Royal Rumble, as the so called “Forbidden Door”, has officially been busted open. This is a rare case of Impact and WWE working together, including promoting one another’s events. But the main question is, how much crossover will we see in the future.

The first question that comes to mind is what if this is just a one-off? While it seems like the most likely option, it is of course the least exciting, as this would not be a working partnership. 

The next option is what if this was a working partnership between WWE and Impact. There are many exciting options when it comes to crossover options between the two companies. It would be phenomenal to see top Impact stars like Moose, Deonna Purazzo, and Josh Alexander appear on national television. Or to see underutilized talents like Drew Gulak or Chad Gable get time to shine in a larger spotlight and show off their workrate talent.

The final and most exciting option is if this is more than just an Impact arrangement. If WWE is opening their doors to working with other companies, the possibilities are endless. Seeing stars from the likes of MLW, NWA, Impact, NJPW, or maybe even AEW show up on WWE would jumpstart the product and could even lead to a new era in pro wrestling.

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