“Decent Episode” Impact Review 01/13/2022

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This week’s show of Impact Wrestling appears to be a good one, with an intriguing title vs title main event match between Deonna Purazzo and Rok -C, as well as many other entertaining matches!

AVERAGE: W. Morrissey to the ring to discuss Hard To Kill and how he wants a rematch because he was never pinned in the match. Morrissey summons Moose and orders him to face him like a man. Moose appears on the screen to inform Morrissey that he would not be giving him another shot at the title, and that instead, someone who has never had a shot at the title will be given the chance.

AVERAGE: Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Maria, PCO, and Vincent make their way to the commentary table, where Matt insists that D’Lo Brown and Tom Hannifan take off their equipment and give it to him. D’Lo stands up to them, and PCO beats him by putting him through a table.

GOOD: Ladero Kid triumphed over Chris Bey in an entertaining match. These two put on a good show; they are both equally skilled, which they were able to demonstrate inside the ring.

RESULT: Ladero Kid def. Chris Bey

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Aaliyah Alexander WR Star Rating: 3.25 Stars

AVERAGE: We see Rhino, Heath, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Eddie Edwards discussing the ROH’s  group treatment of D’Lo Brown, as well as their anger over what happened at Hard To Kill. Eddie devises a strategy to secure the entrances and prevent everyone from being attacked. Rhino then goes on to suggest that they look for a fight with them, to which everyone agrees and they depart in search of the ROH gang.

AVERAGE: Speedball Mike Bailey was able to defeat Jake Something in a good matchup. This match was good, but it could have benefited a lot more if there was more time for both Jake and Mike.

RESULT: Speedball Mike Bailey def. Jake Something

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Aaliyah Alexander WR Star Rating: 3 Stars

AVERAGE: With Eric Young, Joe Doering, and Deaner, we now see Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows. Karl informs Eric that they only teamed up with them for the PPV to take out Heath’s team. As the officials call for assistance for Rhino and Heath, who have been attacked, Eric claims he is only thinking about the future.

AVERAGE: Gia asks Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green what went wrong at Hard To Kill in an interview. Tasha later comes up to brag about her success at Hard To Kill as both Matt and Chelsea chatted about their misfortunes. Chelsea then challenges Tasha to a match the next week, which she declines after Chelsea pushes her and urges her to consider it.

SATISFACTORY: Masha made a statement by defeating Vervixen in her debut match. Masha appeared to be in control the whole time in her first match on Impact Wrestling.

RESULT: Masha Slamovich def. Vertvixen

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Aaliyah Alexander WR Star Rating: 2.25 Stars

AVERAGE: Josh Alexander comes out and talks about how he wants a title shot from Moose. Charlie Hass comes out and challenges Josh to a match, Josh tells him no and then Hass attacks him, causing a brawl between the two. Security then shows up to stop them and then Josh accepts Charlie’s match.

AVERAGE: Mickie James goes into Rok -C’s locker room to officially welcome her into Impact. Rok congratulates Mickie on her successful title defence at Hard To Kill. Mickie thanks her and talks to Rok about her having a chance to make history tonight in the main event. Mickie then proceeds to warn Rok about Deonna as Rok thanks her.

AVERAGE: In a quick match, Moose retains his title by defeating Zicky Dice. This match was short, but it did help Moose get some momentum and helped him appear more dominant in this match. After the match, W. Morrissey appears and runs Moose off. Although this match was not particularly good, it helped contribute to W. Morrissey and Moose’s championship storyline.

RESULT: Moose def. Zicky Dice (with VSK and Brian Myers)

Aaliyah Alexander WR Star Rating: 2.5 Stars

AVERAGE: Jonah wins the match against Raj in quick fashion.  Jonah performed well against Raj in this match. Jonah appears to be a rising star in Impact once the opportunity arises.

RESULT: Jonah def. Raj Singh 

Aaliyah Alexander WR Star Rating: 3 Stars

AVERAGE: Backstage, we see Tenille Dashwood, Madison Rayne, and Kaleb with a K who talk about IInspiration as they are a rip off of everything that they have done. Decay then comes up and challenges them to a match on January 27th. Officials interrupt again as they call for help for Eddie Edwards who has been attacked.

AVERAGE: After that, Gia speaks with Johnathan Greshamn about ROH’s recent attacks on the Impact locker room. Johnathan says that he has no connection to the attacks or the perpetrators. Steve Maclin then interrupts Johnathan and tells him he doesn’t believe him. Then Johnathan informs him that he is “honor” and that he wants to fight Steve for the ROH World Championship, but only in Pure Rules, and that he will approach ROH officials to arrange it.

GOOD: Deonna defeated Rok -C to retain the AAA women’s title and defeated Rok -C to win the ROH women’s title. Both of these women put on a good title vs. title match. Throughout the match, they both appeared to be strong and outstanding. Maria enters the ring after the match, surrounded by Matt, Mike, Vicent, and PCO. Matthew Rehwoldt tries to save Deonna, but he is beaten up in the process. Rich Swann and Willie Mack arrive to assist, but they too are beaten up. Maria, Matt, Mike, Vicent, and PCO stand tall at the finish of the show.

RESULT: Deonna Purrazzo def. Rok – C 

Aaliyah Alexander WR Star Rating: 3.25 Stars

This Impact episode was, at most, average. The show itself was not horrible; there were some good moments in it, as well as a nice main event to close it out, but there were a few parts in this episode that seemed to be missing.

Show theme and presentation: 8/10

Watchability: 7/10

Production: 8/10

Storyline Progression: 7/10

Crowd Reaction: 8/10

Overall show rating: 6.5/10

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This Impact episode was, at most, average. The show itself was not horrible; there were some good moments in it, as well as a nice main event to close it out, but there were a few parts in this episode that seemed to be missing.

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