Andrade No Longer Follows Charlotte Flair on Social Media

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One night removed from Charlotte Flair’s intense encounter with Becky Lynch, the Queen has once again become a trending topic on Twitter. Although, it’s not her name that’s trending. The professional wrestling industry is very much an all-consuming one. Most performers spend more time with their co-workers than their families, especially if they are employed with WWE. 

It’s never surprising when you hear wrestlers are dating when they are on the road together 24/7. Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo are no exception. They started their relationship while Andrade was still employed with WWE. They became engaged not long before he split from the company for the competition, but they continued to support one another.

On 11/22/2021, fans started to worry when it became apparent that Andrade no longer follows Charlotte on Twitter or Instagram, indicating that the two may have split or are having issues. Charlotte, however, is still following the AEW star on Instagram, but not Twitter. Neither one of them has posted a photo together since the SmackDown Women’s Champion posted a picture of them together for his birthday earlier this month. Additionally, Andrade personally hasn’t shared a photo of the two of them together since late October.

It could very well be that the two promotions different work schedules keep the engaged couple from seeing one another. More often than not, it seems that time away is the ultimate relationship killer when it comes to the wrestling business. As of this writing, nothing is confirmed. No one will know for sure what’s going on until one of them comments whether the speculation is true or if Ric Flair comments on his new podcast. Given how vocal he has been of late, it’s not unlikely to happen.

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