WWE Preferably Recruiting People Of Colour According To Dave Meltzer

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As previously reported the WWE recently changed its talent recruiting scheme and is now favouring more pro athletes in other sports in favour of indie wrestlers. The WWE recently held a try out in Las Vegas where they reportedly offered contracts to around 13 to 16 people. Now there is seemingly a new development to what the WWE are looking for when recruiting new talent.

Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio is reporting that the WWE are currently looking to recruit more ethnic minorities as part of their talent recruiting scheme. Dave Meltzer said…

“I know some people were trying to do the race thing, but they’re favoring that right now. I mean, even if the cuts tell you that they’re not, they really are in recruiting. They want People of Color, they want ethnics, I mean in their recruiting thing it’s preferable, they are absolutely doing that.”

Promoters favouring ethnic minorities in their recruitment practices is nothing new. For example legendary promoter Bill Watts went out of his way to sign Black wrestlers to appeal to different demographics, aswell as believing that it was a better look for the Wrestling business to have Black wrestlers on top. However, why the WWE is suddenly taking on this mindset is unclear for now.

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