WWE Legend Believes Current WWE Star Will Be Vince McMahon’s Successor

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Will Austin Theory be the next Vince Mcmahon? That’s what former WWE superstar Bully Ray, formerly known as Bubba Ray Dudley believes.

If you’ve been watching the most recent episodes of monday night RAW, you’ve probably noticed that Vince McMahon has appeared a lot alongside Austin Theory. This monday, we saw him and Austin watch the whole show together as Vince kept repeating; “expect the unexpected”. This unfortunately ended with Austin getting slapped in the face by the chairman since Theory still has a lot to learn. 

Speaking on Busted Open Radio , Bully Ray revealed that maybe neither Shane McMahon or Triple H will succeed Vince MCmahon as the new boss. He was wondering wether Austin Theory would be that guy or if it’s just another stupid storyline:

“Shane has never been the heir to the throne of Zamunda. It’s always been Hunter [Triple H], but what happened recently with Hunter? [Vince McMahon impression] ‘My son is a failure! My son-in-law is a failure! But you won’t be, Austin, I’m gonna make you in my image.’ Imagine he’s building Austin up to be the heir to the throne that he does not believe he has anymore…” (H/T Sportskeeda)

Triple H always seemed like the better pick for the throne but we never know with Vince, he might surprise us all with a controversial decision.

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