WWE Hall Of Famer Sunny Arrested in New Jersey For Unlawful Weapons Possession And Threats

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Photo Credit: WWE

WWE Hall Of Famer Sunny was arrested this morning in New Jersey.

According to TMZ Tammy Sytch known as Sunny in the wrestling industry, was arrested this morning in New Jersey for allegedly unlawfully possessing a weapon and making terroristic threats. 

The court records show that Tammy was arrested in Keansburg, NJ, and taken into custody at the Monmouth County jail at 11 AM.

The true reason and seriousness of the events are not yet known to the public, but according to the records, Sytch was hit with 3 charges — 2 for illegally possessing a weapon (it doesn’t appear the alleged weapon was a firearm) and 1 charge for terroristic threats.

It should be noted that in the state of New Jersey crimes are classified by degrees. The lower the degree the more potential jail or prison time a defendant faces.

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In the case of Sunnys charges, the weapons charges are classified as third degree, while the threats charge is 4th degree. If convicted, the weapons charges each carry a possible 3-5 year prison term and the threats charge carries up to a 1-year sentence.

This is not the first time that Tammy has been arrested, back in February 2019, Tammy was busted for DUI, she also spent 8 months in jail in 2018. 

We will keep you updated. 

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