WWE Files Two Trademarks, Including ECW

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Photo Credit – World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

It appears WWE has filled two trademarks, with one being for a potential in-ring name and the other for a former extreme rival.

Last week, WWE filled two trademarks’ applications with the USPTO to trademark ‘ECW’ and ‘Sofia Cromwell.’ The “Sofia Cromwell” application appears to be for in-ring use by a talent although it is unsure who the trademark will be used for. The other is for ‘ECW’ a former competitor to WWE which the company acquired back in 2003, even using it as a third brand between 2006 and 2010. This new trademark appears to be for usage in “software for the creation of mobile internet applications and client interfaces.”

The trademark application for ‘Sofia Cromwell’ can be found below:

Mark For: SOFIA CROMWELL trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibitions and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer rendered live and through broadcast media including television and radio, and via the internet or commercial online service; providing wrestling news and information via a global computer network; providing information in the fields of sports and entertainment via an online community portal; providing a website in the field of sports entertainment information; fan club services, namely, organizing sporting events in the field of wrestling for wrestling fan club members; organizing social entertainment events for entertainment purposes for wrestling fan club members; providing online newsletters in the fields of sports entertainment; online journals, namely, blogs, in the field of sports entertainment.

The following for the ‘ECW’ trademark can be found below:

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Mark For: ECW trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of computer software, namely, software for the creation of mobile internet applications and client interfaces; Downloadable mobile applications for the streaming of audio and video content; downloadable ring tones, graphics and music via a global computer network and wireless devices; decorative refrigerator magnets; video and computer game tapes, video and computer game discs, video and computer game cassettes, video and computer game cartridges, video and computer game CD-roms, video output game machines for use with televisions; video and computer game software; cinematographic and television films, namely, motion picture films in the nature of sports entertainment; pre-recorded compact discs, pre-recorded video tapes, pre-recorded video cassette tapes, pre-recorded DVDS and pre-recorded audio cassettes, all featuring sports entertainment; interactive video game programs and computer game cartridges; mouse pads; disposable cameras; sunglasses; sunglass cases; prescription glasses; and optical cases, namely, cases for spectacles and sunglasses; cases for mobile phones; walkie talkies, protective helmets; sports helmets.

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