Vince McMahon Fined Superstar $10,000 For Farting, CM Punk Reveals The Best Star In WWR Today – Rasslin Roundup June 9th 2021

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2. Vince McMahon Fined WWE Star $10,000 For Farting

Photo Credit – WWE

Over the years we have heard a long list of backstage stories from WWE involving harsh fines, over things which to most people seem small and unimportant, however this one may top them all.

Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake was recently a guest on the WrestlingInc podcast, where he revealed that one of The Nasty Boys farted while Miss Elizabeth was in the room in the early 1990’s. Macho Man then sent her home, only for Vince McMahon to fly her back out again, which cost the WWE a total of $5,000-10,000, which of course, one of the Nasty Boys had to pay.

Beefcake revealed “The Nasty Boys were in London and Saggs or Knobbs let out a big fart in a dressing room or wherever they were at with Randy Savage and Elizabeth, and Randy [Savage] put Elizabeth on an airplane and sent her home. Vince still wanted her back so WWE charted a Concorde to fly her back there. Since that costed like 5 or 10 grand, the Nasty Boys were forced to pay for it themselves. They called it the fart heard around the world.

While this incident definitely isn’t the most shocking backstage story ever heard, it is certainly is up there with the stupidest fines in WWE history.

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