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4. Jim Ross Reveals His Thoughts On Adnan Virk

Photo Credit – WWE

This past April on the Raw after Mania, Adnan Virk made his WWE commentary debut, taking over the role from Tom Phillips. While Phillips was never exactly a fan favourite, fans quickly petitioned online to bring him back to the show, after Virk instantly received backlash for not knowing the names to many moves, including finishing manoeuvres. After only just over a month with the promotion, Adnan Virk left WWE at the end of last month.

Legendary WWE, and current AEW, commentator Jim Ross was a guest on ‘The Dan Le Bastard’ show this week, where he revealed his thoughts on the former WWE commentator.

Ross said “Adnan got put on TV, in a very unique product, before he was ready from a product knowledge standpoint. The wrestling fans today, with social media and all the information flow, they have a great sense of what they like and what might be wrong. He’s a solid broadcaster and they rushed to judgment too quick. You have to know the terms, the language, and the culture. That’s where he was short

He [Vince McMahon] makes sure that he imposes his will. The simple fact is, they misassigned Adnan. He should’ve had more work in other areas and other TV shows, Lord knows they have plenty of them, to get his chops under him. Vince is a strange cat and he’s the boss. If he doesn’t hear something he likes, he makes a quick decision.” (H/T Fightful)

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