Vince McMahon Fined Superstar $10,000 For Farting, CM Punk Reveals The Best Star In WWR Today – Rasslin Roundup June 9th 2021

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In today’s Rasslin Roundup, CM Punk has revealed who he believes is the ‘best guy’ WWE currently have, Vince McMahon fined a superstar $10,000 for farting, A recently released WWE star was meant to be involved in Undertaker vs Styles at WrestleMania 36, Jim Ross has revealed his thoughts on WWE hiring and releasing Adnan Virk, and Tommy Dreamer had revealed WWE wouldn’t sign former star because he looked too much like John Cena, despite being black.

5. Tommy Dreamer Reveals WWE Originally Wouldn’t Sign Darren Young As He Looked Too Much Like John Cena

Photo Credit – WWE

Tommy Dreamer has revealed that he originally pushed for WWE to sign Fred Rosser, who was known as Darren Young in the WWE, however WWE didn’t want to sign him as they felt he looked too much like John Cena.

On his House Of Hardcore podcast, Dreamer revealed I tired to get [Rosser] hired forever. He was one of those guys that was always on the bubble. It was always, ‘Hey man, you have to get in better shape. Hey, you’re a little chubby, you’re a little this, you’re a little that.’ He wrestled a long time before he got signed, but he was always so good. One time, they told me looked too much like John Cena. I was like, ‘He’s black, how can he look like John Cena?’ ‘In the face and body.”

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Dreamer then went on to reveal that WWE also refused to sign Corey Graves as they felt like he looked too much like CM Punk, however once he shaved his head they then told him he looked too much like Randy Orton!

Dreamer stated “I remember, Corey Graves looked too much like CM Punk and then they said, ‘Change your hair.’ He shaved his head and looked too much like Randy Orton. These are the things they would think about and you can’t win with these guys. Happy they all got signed.” (H/T Fightful)

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