The New Day Wanted a Feud With Undisputed Era

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For the first time in 2019, NXT joined the battle for brand supremacy at Survivor Series after declaring war on Raw and SmackDown. This saw numerous members of the NXT roster showcased in featured spots, including an NXT Championship match between then-champion Adam Cole and Pete Dunne. Many of the matches were contested under triple threat rules, one of which was the New Day vs. the Viking Raider vs. the Undisputed Era in a tag champion face-off. The Viking Raiders would ultimately win the match.

WWE Champion Big E revealed in a chat with Robbie Fox on My Mom’s Basement that this bout left the New Day hungry for more and that they wanted to continue feuding with the yellow brand group and were more than happy to go to NXT to make it happen.

Big E said this on Robbie’s podcast “We have always wanted to do stuff with the Undisputed Era. We even talked about traveling to NXT at one point and doing a run with them. That was something we wanted to do. Those guys are so incredible and had such a great run down there. It was really cool. That version of Survivor Series when we involved NXT was so cool. It was unique and added a different flavor to Survivor Series. We didn’t get our faction vs. faction match with Undisputed Era but being part of stuff with Viking Raiders and those guys was a cool and unique way to do the match.” (H/T

As of this year, both Adam Cole and Bobby Fish have left the company and signed with AEW, with Kyle O’Reilly rumored to follow suit. So, unless all three members of the New Day decide to depart from WWE, the match isn’t likely to happen.

Big E is currently engaged in a storyline feud with Roman Reigns, who he is set to face at this year’s Survivor Series in a clash of champions. Their rivalry started about a month ago, shortly after Big E won the WWE Championship. Roman and Big E participated in a triple threat match on Raw after Roman traveled to the red brand to assert his dominance.

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