Ric Flair Feels WWE Stole His Intellectual Property And He Wants It Back

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Photo Credit – World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Since leaving the WWE, Ric Flair has been vocal about his thoughts towards the company on social media, now he has elaborated on these thoughts.

On his podcast “Wooooo Nation Uncensored”, Flair would discuss in detail about his social media comments towards the WWE as well as further insight to his issues with “The Man” trademark issues being used for Becky Lynch.

Flair would discuss how he views the WWE is trying to erase his legacy:

“Well, by erasing my legacy, if you take me off the opening of the show and take the Woo, which I own, thank God, because they will never get it back, and replace me with The Ultimate Warrior, a guy that sued the company, held them up for money, I guess the next thing they’re going to do with me is make a DVD having so many people say how bad I was like The Warrior, then they brought him back and put him in The Hall of Fame.  That isn’t going to work for me.  One and done.”

(H/T – Wrestlingnews.com)

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Next, Flair would discuss his issues with Nick Khan:

“No worries, but you’re not going to bring me back, not that they want me by any means, but I couldn’t ever work for Nick Khan in my entire life.  Vince McMahon, I can work for, but Nick Khan, who is a guy who orchestrated taking me off the show.  I’ve got my facts together.  He orchestrated taking my Woo off.  Never in a million years.  The big difference is Tony Khan respects me.  He has as did Vince.  Nick Khan has not.  I talk to Vince now.  I have no problem with Vince.  He just knows I won’t come back.”

(H/T – Wrestlingnews.com)

Flair would discuss the trademark issues within WWE:

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“Yea, he’s the boss, WWE is not just a wrestling company, they’re Disney.  They do everything.  They make movies.  He’s got so much to oversee, and because he’s so hands on, yet he still can’t totally watch over everything.  It’s like the trademark with The Man trademark.  After an excruciating weekend, there was something that was going on with Taylor Swift and The Man, and all that.  I sat down.  Some guy from TMZ hit me up in L.A. and I said, ‘You have no idea how hard I worked for that label, and I own that trademark, ‘To Be The Man’.  They use that trademark to create The Man, which has been my label my entire career.  I thought it up.  It’s mine.  I own it.  I’m one of the few guys that owns their intellectual property.  Steve doesn’t own Stone Cold, believe it or not.  When they get a hold of it, they’re going to keep it.  They have their reasons, and I’m not the one making those calls, but I own my stuff.”

(H/T – Wrestlingnews.com)

Finally, Flair made his intention to get his trademark back from the WWE:

“I said, ‘Why don’t you call her ‘The Game?’.  He said, ‘That’s trademarked too.’  I said, ‘So is The Man.’  He said, ‘No it’s not.  ‘To Be The Man, and The Man are two different things.’  Let’s get the facts straight.  They still don’t own it.  If I get a chance and I get cleared legally, I’m going to go back and get it.”

(H/T – Wrestlingnews.com)

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It appears the bridge between Flair and the WWE is burnt to ashes and could be far from possible repairs.

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