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NXT UK August 5, 2021 Review


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GREAT: A fantastic promo package opened up NXT UK which hyped up the Iron Man Match in the main event. 

AVERAGE: Blair Davenport defeated Xia Brookside in a decent match which made Davenport look very legit. 

Result – Blair Davenport Wins

Dakota Cohen WR Star Rating – 2.75 Stars

AVERAGE: Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff defeated Danny Jones & Josh Morrell in Starz & Mastiff’s debut as a tag team. This was a solid contest.

Result – Mastiff & Starz Win

Dakota Cohen WR Star Rating – 2.75 Stars

MUST WATCH: A-Kid defeated Jordan Devlin in a fantastic & strategic 30 minute Iron Man Match. Devlin went up one fall to zero about 20 minutes into the contest. Then with 11:45 left, A-Kid tied it up. A-Kid then went up two falls to one with less than two minutes left & that was the final result. 

Result – A Kid Wins 2-1

Dakota Cohen WR Star Rating – 4.5 Stars

Show Theme & Presentation: 8/10

Show Production: 7/10

Storyline Progression: 8/10

Crowd Reaction: 6/10

Watchability: 8/10

Overall, a very solid show with an awesome main event. The women are going against each other to try and prove they are worthy of challenging for the title and Davenport looked like she could be a possible challenger in this episode. The new team of Starz and Mastiff gives both men something to do & hopefully they continue to put on good matches.

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