Monday Night Raw Review 11/22/21

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The red and blue brands clashed last night as Raw and Smackdown went head to head in the annual Survivor Series. Raw emerged victorious, Mr. McMahon unveiled an “egg” and there was no sign of the Rock to be found on a show that was centered around the Rock. With Vince’s priceless egg stolen, will it be found tonight? Let’s find out! 

AVERAGE: The show kicks off with Vince McMahon irate about who stole his $100 million Cleopatra egg. He rants to Sonya and Pearce, threatening to let them go if they can’t find it. He finishes by saying that whoever finds the egg gets a WWE title shot. 

AVERAGE: Randy Orton is backstage and says that he hasn’t seen the egg. He says that he’s happy Riddle is starting to act more like him. That is, until Riddle walks in literally dressed like Orton, goatee and all. Randy says he wanted Riddle to be more LIKE him, not to literally be him. This was mildly funny for the most part. 

GOOD: Up next is Riddle vs Dolph Ziggler. This was a fun opening match. Early on Ziggler rips off Riddle’s Randy goatee. Riddle continues to use a lot of fun Orton based moves, going as far as to hit the RKO for the win. Post match, Orton hits Robert Roode with the Bro Derrick and gives Riddle back the mustache. 

Result: Riddle wins via pinfall 

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John Cerenzio WR Star Rating: 3.25 stars 

AVERAGE: Multiple superstars were tearing the backstage area apart looking for the Cleopatra egg. R-Truth had two funny bits, mistaking a football for the egg and going into the women’s bathroom. 

GREAT: Up next is a “Victory Lap for Big Time Becks” with Becky Lynch celebrating her victory over Charlotte at Survivor Series. Becky talks about how she and Charlotte wanted to destroy each other at Survivor Series, but Lynch prevailed. She says she’s going to start fresh and moves onto Liv Morgan. She says that Liv hasn’t won a match in years and that no one is going to beat her for that title. 

GOOD: Bianca Belair cuts a promo about how she was the sole survivor last night and that she proved why she’s the BEST. She switches gears to Doudrop, saying that Tamina will be an example for what she does to Doudrop down the road. 

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AVERAGE: Up next is Tamina vs Bianca Belair. This was a decent match on par with the match they had last week. Bianca eventually wins with the KOD. 

Result: Bianca wins via pinfall 

John Cerenzio WR Star Rating: 2.5 stars 

AVERAGE: Natalya attacks Bianca momentarily, but Bianca gets the upperhand. Doudrop then comes in and hits a gnarly splash on Belair. She leaves with Natalya and Tamina, seemingly forming a faction of sorts. However that can’t happen because Natalya is on Smackdown. 

GOOD: Seth Rollins is in the ring and discusses how he was the sole survivor last night. He runs down the other Raw tag members calling them losers, especially Finn Balor. He says that he will lead by example and defeat Finn Balor tonight.

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GOOD: Up next is Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor. Rollins ambushes Finn before the match for interrupting him, but Finn gets the upper hand and fights back. Finn goes to kick Seth into the barricade, but Rollins counters and beats him down. He goes as far as to hit Finn with the steel steps and then proceeds to give Finn the stomp. Rollins goes ballistic and runs back into the ring to deliver the stomp a second time. 

AVERAGE: Sami Zayn is backstage with Vince McMahon, saying that he’s pretty sure who took the egg. Vince tells him to go find who took it and he’ll get his title shot. 

GOOD: Kevin Owens is backstage and is looking for the egg. He’s asked about his actions at Survivor Series and says that he doesn’t care. He does care, however, about Vince’s offer to find the egg and get a WWE title shot. 

AVERAGE: Up next is AJ Styles and Omos vs The Street Profits. This was a decently fun match, a lot of Omos looking powerful and the Profits working from under to try and beat him. The finish sees Angelo go into his bag and pull out a fire extinguisher. He sprays Omos with it, causing the DQ. AJ goes for the phenomenal forearm, but is caught with the extinguisher as well. 

Result: AJ and Omos win via DQ

John Cerenzio WR Star Rating: 2.75 stars 

AVERAGE: Queen Zelina and Carmella are backstage and are asked how they’ll deal with Rhea and Nikki. They say they’re only worried about Rhea, because Nikki is nothing more than a worthless sidekick. They say they’re the perfect combination of smarts, strategy and strength and they’ll walk out with the tag team titles. 

AVERAGE: Up next is Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. defending the women’s tag titles against Carmella and Queen Zelina. This was a decent match for the most part. Zelina eventually pins Nikki with the code red to win the tag team titles. 

Result: Carmella and Zelina win via pinfall 

John Cerenzio WR Star Rating: 2.75 stars 

AVERAGE: Sonya and Pearce go to Vince McMahon and say that Sami found who stole the egg. Sami brings in Austin Theory, who reveals he stole the egg to take a selfie with it. Vince, for some reason, gives THEORY the title shot against Big E and tells Sami that no one likes a snitch. Ok then. 

AVERAGE SQUASH: Up next is Cedric Alexander vs Reggie for the 24/7 championship. This was a decent little showcase for Cedric, defeating Reggie for the championship with relative ease. 

BAD: Immediately after… Dana Brooke attacks Cedric from the top rope and beats him for the championship. Everyone comes out and just stares at Dana doing nothing. This sucked. 

POOR: Dana cuts a weak promo about how she’s finally won a championship in WWE and she’ll defend the title. 

GOOD: Up next is a 2 on 1 handicap match as Bobby Lashley takes on Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Before the match, MVP cuts a promo saying that Dominik needs to realize monsters are real and that, after Lashley destroys Rey, to tell his wife Angie to give him a call. This was a fun match for the most part. Lashley looked fantastic here and the Mysterios played great underdogs as per usual. They even hit Lashley with a double 619, but Bobby STILL kicks out with ease. The finish sees Lashley spear Rey and then catch Dominik with the Hurt Lock for the win. 

Result: Lashley wins via submission 

John Cerenzio WR Star Rating: 3.25 stars 

AVERAGE: Big E is asked about having to defend the WWE championship tonight against Austin Theory. He says that he let everyone down last night at Survivor Series, but won’t dwell on the past. He says Theory is young and brash, but he’s talented. However, that won’t be enough to win him the championship. 

GOOD: Liv Morgan is interviewed backstage about her upcoming championship match with Becky Lynch, but Becky immediately interrupts. She says that Liv lost at Survivor Series much like how she lost another big match at Money in the Bank. Becky calls Liv a loser and almost makes her cry, but Liv clocks her and leaves angrily. 

AVERAGE: Damian Priest comes out to issue an open challenge for the United States championship. Apollo Crews answers the challenge and talks about Priest’s split personality. Oddly though, because they’re in New York, he’s NOT accepting the challenge. Sami Zayn then comes out and says that if Crews won’t accept it, he will. 

GOOD: Immediately after is Sami Zayn vs Damian Priest for the United States championship. This was a fun enough match. Zayn got a good amount of offense which was nice to see. Zayn, however, eventually sets off Priest, unleashing the wicked side of him. Priest beats him down and hits him with the Reckoning for the win. 

Result: Priest wins via pinfall 

John Cerenzio WR star rating: 3.25 stars 

AVERAGE: Austin Theory is backstage where he’s asked about his title match tonight. He says that he has a chance to become the youngest WWE champion ever. 

AVERAGE: Finally we have the WWE championship match as Big E defends against Austin Theory. Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens come out relatively early on, showing that they will definitely get involved with the finish. This was a decent back and forth but I wish it got a bit more time to let Austin thrive in a main event setting. The finish sees Rollins attack Big E and Theory goes to pin E. However, Owens throws Rollins into the ring, leading to them to argue with one another. This, in turn, distracts Theory who eats the Big Ending to allow Big E to retain the title. Post match Big E beats them down, delivering the Big Ending to Seth. 

Result: Big W wins via pinfall 

John Cerenzio WR Star Rating: 3 stars

Overall, this was a weak episode of Raw. It definitely had its moments like the Becky Lynch promo and a few fun matches but overall this was a bit hard to get through. Nonsensical moments like Dana Brooke beating Cedric for the 24/7 championship and the whole egg storyline made this episode very off compared to most weeks. A big step backwards. 

Show theme and presentation: 7/10

Watchability: 6/10

Crowd Reaction: 7/10

Storyline Progression: 7/10

Production: 8/10

Overall show rating: 6.3/10 

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Overall, this was a weak episode of Raw. It definitely had its moments like the Becky Lynch promo and a few fun matches but overall this was a bit hard to get through. Nonsensical moments like Dana Brooke beating Cedric for the 24/7 championship and the whole egg storyline made this episode very off compared to most weeks. A big step backwards. 

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