Major Update on Johnny Gargano’s WWE Contract

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Image Credit-WWE

It has been previously reported that Johnny Gargano’s contract expires on December 3rd, which is why it was confusing for some that he was announced to be apart of the upcoming War Games match, which is advertised for December 5th.

Fightful has added some light on this situation as they report that Johnny Gargano has signed a one week extension, meaning his deal will now end on December 10th.

This is a similar situation to that of Adam Cole, whom signed a one week extension to work at NXT Takeover 36 whilst in negotiations with the WWE. Similarly to the WWE’s relationship with Adam Cole, the WWE have appreciated Gargano signing this extension, when it is likely he will be contacted by other promotions for his services.

Fightful report that Johnny Gargano is still in contract talks with the WWE, but details on how these negotiations are going haven’t been reported as of now.

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