Kurt Angle Compares Kenny Omega to AJ Styles

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Chris Jericho’s Wrestling Rager at Sea: Triple Whammy featured a sit down with the AEW stars longtime friend Kurt Angle. The interview was recently released as an episode of Talk Is Jericho, the Demo Gods podcast. The two covered several topics, the most notable of which was the former Olympic medalist’s decision to sign with TNA, where he gave credit to the Phenomenal One.

“I got to wrestle with AJ Styles. That was my inspiration for joining TNA. I had my eyes set on AJ. He was one of the greatest overall performers I’ve ever seen. The stuff he can do in the ring. He was great at technical stuff. He was great at high-flying. He had the whole ball of wax.” (H/T sescoops.com)

Like many retired wrestling veterans, the WWE Hall of Famer still keeps up with everything that happens in the wrestling world. The rise of AEW has been a top story in the media since its inception, and Kurt went on to give great praise to the former AEW world champion Kenny Omega and talked about the similarities between him and AJ. “Another wrestler that reminds me of AJ is Kenny Omega. Very much so. These guys are a step above everybody. For whatever reason. I don’t know what it is, but they have the “it factor”. These guys put on tremendous matches. I don’t buy all the six and seven-star matches by Dave Meltzer, but the only person that gets like six, seven, eight, nine stars is Kenny Omega, and he deserves it. It’s really incredible how good he really is.” (H/T sescoops.com)

Kenny Omega has cited Kurt Angle as a dream match, so this praise from the man himself must mean a lot for the 5-star performer. The two stars would have no doubt put on a classic. Kurt Angle currently enjoys his retirement and hosts his own podcast, The Kurt Angle Show. Kenny is currently out of action for an extended period as he recovers from surgery.

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