Internet Troll Fined $15,800 For Hana Kimura Suicide

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Photo Credit – Variety

Japanese Professional wrestler Hana Kimura, who was part of the cast in Netflix’s reality show Terrace House, tragically committed suicide last year after being cyber-bullied online.

On the globally famous show (Terrace House) in which six young people share a home while looking for love, the pink-haired professional wrestler with Indonesian blood was a fan favorite. However, she was subjected to a barrage of online bullying.

Following her passing, the show was canceled, prompting Japanese ministers and lawmakers to take action against cyberbullying.

A man who tweeted at a Japanese reality TV Star after Hana Kimura’s death was fined 1.29 Million Yen ($15,800) a couple of days ago on May 19 after his remarks raised concerns about cyberbullying.

He allegedly tweeted in Hana Kimura’s account shortly after her death, according to Japanese media: “Everyone is happy thanks to your death. Thank you.” 

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“The show got cancelled because of your suicide. Who do you think you are, causing trouble until the end? Go to hell” he wrote. (Thank you TheStraitsTimes for the transcription)

The court ordered the man – whose name has not been made public – to pay the sum, according to a lawyer representing the mother.

I am truly grateful that the court recognised it was an act of serious slander,” After the hearings, Ms Kyoko Kimura told reporters that the man had not attended.

“What I truly had in my mind was that I wanted the individual to face what he had done. There was absolutely no display of that. And that was unfortunate.” (H/T TheStraitsTime)

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A couple months ago in march, there was a similar situation. Without going to trial, a separate man was fined 9,000 yen for cyber bullying aimed at Hana Kimura.

He had sent messages saying: “You have such an awful personality. Is your life worth living?” and “Hey, hey. When will you die?”.

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  1. He got off easy. Some places would see his punishment more along the lines of “a life for a life”, so he should count his blessings, especially considering that he isn’t living publicly with that slanderous tweet. I guarantee you, thousands of people would come for his neck.

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