Honestly: Wrestling Fans Need To Be More Mature Towards Talent

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We as wrestling fans are able to get in touch with our favorite wrestlers in today’s internet age as it is easy to contact them via social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) but that does not mean they can say and do whatever they want to the talent.

Talent such as Sasha Banks and Young Bucks have been treated immaturity by many in the wrestling community for different reasons and it tells a lot of the mentality of fans. I am not saying that it is wrong to criticize talent as it is the norm yet things change when you go after their private life.

Cody Rhodes recently quit Twitter over negative comments, this is something that speaks numbers about how there is a limit when criticizing. No sane person would go after a talent just because they want them to “turn heel” or “act a different way”, this shows that fans need to be more mature towards talent.

There is so much a talent can handle before things get difficult and it must be acknowledged that immense negativity might affect their mental health and well-being, they are not perfect humans and often deal with a lot behind the scenes.

Wrestlers are not superheroes, they have things they deal with on the daily and the least they need are “fans” that treat them as if they were expendable in any way. Like I have stated before, mental health is equally important as their physical health, and the negativity from people just creates more problems than solutions.

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Fans are too entitled and believe that just because they support something that makes it good enough for them to cross the line when that shouldn’t be the case.

I believe that we all have fallen subject to the feeling that we have power through social media because of how easy it is to contact celebrities and we feel as if they are on a pedestal but that is not the case whatsoever. Celebrities (and wrestlers for that matter) are simply human beings, they don’t have anything that makes them different nor better in any way.

The problem with fans is how we have created a false narrative about how our heroes should act and that often leads to disappointment because they are not perfect.

There is hope for fans to recognize their mistakes and grow in terms of how they treat others as that is always a crucial part of wrestling as a whole. Without fans, there is no wrestling and without wrestling, there are no fans.

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