Honestly: We Might Get The Best Version Of Kenny Omega Once He Returns

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Kenny Omega definitely had one of his best runs with AEW as world champion, his storyline that included The Elite and Hangman Page demonstrated that long-term storytelling on wrestling can still be done in the modern era.

It is no easy task to wrestle for one company let alone three simultaneously most of all when they were all hard-hitting bouts.

Kenny eventually lost his Impact title to Christian Cage and also ended his long-term rivalry against Hangman Page by dropping the belt to him plus it was also reported that he will vacate his AAA championship due to injuries.

The year-long insanity of Kenny “the belt collector” has ended and he will be taking a well-deserved break yet this will be what transforms Omega into the best version of himself we might ever see.

Fighting Himself In The Process

Omega’s title reign lasted 346 days.

Despite thinking otherwise, Omega had to work many matches throughout the year with shoulder, knee, and abdominal injuries. The fact that a talent wrestles through such circumstances is something that not many are able to do.

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Kenny had also previously wrestled on NJPW while having vertigo so this is not the first time when he has put wrestling before his body, this break will give him the time needed to heal in order to become the best version of himself.

Rivalries against the likes of Sami Callihan, Andrade El Idolo, and Bryan Danielson barely scratched the surface of the vast amount of talent Kenny has as he even became Impact and AAA champion at the same time.

Kenny gave fans an amazing run as champion but there is a lot he could have achieved if his body was healthy. Without noticing, Omega was fighting against himself through every match.

His Run As AEW Champion Was Just A Taste

Kenny Omega alongside Don Callis.

I feel that not everyone will agree with this but I believe that Omega’s run as AEW champion was just a small part of what he can offer to the company as a whole.

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We did see The Elite turn heel and take over the company and Kenny was the frontman of the process, we must remember that this run was the very first time many viewers saw him as a threat because he was seen by more eyes on TNT so he had to prove himself to a new audience that wasn’t New Japan.

Kenny Omega surpassed everyone’s expectations on why he is considered one of the best despite many things holding him from being the best he can be but once Omega returns and steps into the squared circle I can assure you that he will be a completely new version of himself.

As Kenny once said: “As long as you try as hard as you can and show that you can answer the call and run with the ball when you get it, there really is no limit”.

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