Honestly: This Could Be The Most Evil Stable In ROH

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When Bray Wyatt was shockingly released by WWE in July, the immediate speculation was that he had to be AEW bound but despite photos of him being in the crowd at a AEW show nothing as of yet has come of it. At one point the obvious move would have been for him to take over his best friend, Brodie Lee’s spot as the leader of the Dark Order. Tony Kahn denied any talks with Bray Wyatt but honestly, why would he admit talking to him even if he did? You’d want his debut to be a surprise if he was coming in. The other landing spot has been rumored to be Impact, possibly being connected to their Decay stable. There were even rumors that AEW and Impact were in a bidding war for his services.

However, a few days ago, a wildcard of a landing spot has emerged and when I think about it, it maybe the perfect landing spot for him. A few days ago, someone tweeted that they would like to see Bray Wyatt take on ROH’s Danhausen and Wyatt tweeted back, “We should unite instead. How evil of us”. Looking at the landscapes of AEW and Impact, they may not be the perfect fits for him. AEW has an already stacked roster with several talents already at the top of the food chain that may prevent Bray from cracking that upper card. As great as he would be as the leader of the Dark Order, with Omega, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole, Hangman Page and so on already in the upper card it may be difficult for Bray to cut through all of them. Impact is an incredibly thin pool of talent so he’ll have no problem getting to the top but I think he’d go through the roster pretty quickly.

Now I know what you may be thinking, ROH doesn’t have a national TV deal and a thin roster too but the talent pool and number of factions for Bray to feud with gives him a lot more options. ROH in the pandemic era has built up a number of stables which offers the options for a stable lead by Bray to feud with, which is something that the Wyatt Family didn’t really get to have as the only stables that existed were the New Day and the Shield during his WWE run.

Who Should Be In This Stable:

1) Danhausen

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 A Bray Wyatt stable in ROH would obviously include the most evil man in professional wrestling, Danhausen. As I have covered, in a previous article, Danhausen is one of if not the most over wrestler not in WWE or AEW. The pairing of the most evil man in ROH and the most evil free agent, would be a perfect pairing. Personally, I think these two could definitely play off of one another whether Bray does the split personality is unknown. He obviously cannot use the Bray Waytt/Fiend name or mask but considering most of the creative behind the Fiend came from Wyatt himself, I’m sure he probably has been planning his new version of his gimmick. It is believed he will use the name Windham but the question will it only be his name for the Bray Wyatt 2.0 character and he’ll have another name for the Fiend 2.0? 

2) PCO

Now Danhausen already is a part of a team with PCO and a loose partnership with Sledge and they could easily be folded into this new stable with Windham. PCO already has history of being a part of a dark stable as he was previously a part of Villain Enterprises prior to Marty Scurll’s departure from the company. Like Danhausen, PCO is a Frankenstein’s Monster, character and would fit in perfectly with Windham. PCO has held tag team and a world championship during his ROH tenure and has been in the business for over 30 years and certainly knows about re-inventing yourself. Both Danhausen and PCO, reinvented themselves and achieved their greatest success because of it and could certainly help Windham during his re-invention. The guidance that PCO can provide Windham both in and out of the ring is invaluable.

3) Demonic Flamita

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In the past few months, Flamita has embraced a darker evil character and would fit in perfectly with a evil stable lead by Windham. They could even reveal that Windham was the invisible hand behind the scenes that led to his dark transformation. 

4) Sledge

As previously stated, he is already in a loose partnership with Danhausen and PCO, so he could easily slid into the group. He would add another muscle man to the group. He is new to the big stage despite being in the business for 10 years and the experience and guidance that PCO and Windham can provide Sledge could be great for him.

5) Alex Zayne

Now typically I think the best stables are between 3-5 members but if I would add a 6th member to the group or possibly taking Sledge’s spot, I would put in Alex Zayne. ROH has not formerly signed the recently released in ring phenomenon but he would fit in perfectly as a member of this stable. He could greatly benefit from the guidance from Windham and PCO in and out of the ring.

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6) Maria Manic

A powerhouse and the modern day, Chyna that can tear through the ROH’s women’s division and could play well off of Windham. She would fit in perfectly with the group and ideally a truly dominate stable should have members that can go for all the championships in ROH. The mentorship and guidance that the other members of the stable can provide her as they have been in the business a lot longer than her would be great for her. Danhausen can have great chemistry with her from a comedic perspective like can be seen in this video: 

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