Honestly: Competition Is What Wrestling Needs Right Now

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It is no secret that wrestling used to be exciting as creative ideas soared during the late ’90s to early 2000s, this was due to the Monday night wars between WWE and WCW where both companies would go head-to-head to see who had the better program.

During the Monday Night Wars, we saw how competition made wrestling better as things were always fresh and unique when it came to storylines. Different talent would also appear on a weekly basis as brands tried to keep everything special, this was an amazing time for wrestling.

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When it was said and done WWE ended up beating and acquiring WCW, then wrestling never returned to what it once was. Things felt stale and despite there being many talented individuals the writing was what really lacked and hurt the product.

Years passed and there really wasn’t anything that exciting in wrestling besides the norm, it felt as if companies just wanted to keep things safe for the sake of it. As time passed, fans left the wrestling industry and had never planned to return.

Wrestling needed something fresh to bring back the people and that’s when AEW was formed. Now I am not saying that the company is the best thing in the world, but it has demonstrated that competition is what wrestling needs right now.

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Since the start of AEW, we have seen how other companies like Impact Wrestling have slowly started to become the best product they can be, and most importantly it has made WWE desperate enough to make their product better.

We must acknowledge that WWE has handled the last couple of months well especially when it comes to their recent booking of Monday Night Raw and the bloodline storyline with Roman Reigns. Recent developments have proven that competition is what makes a product better overall.

With AEW arriving we have seen competition slowly increasing as once again everyone will try to make the best product possible.

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My hope for the continuation of this rivalry is for companies to take things seriously and solely focus on giving their best, this will open opportunities that have not been seen in a while and it will indeed make wrestling go back to its roots.

As the Monday Night War days, we will see how companies like WWE and AEW will do something it hasn’t been done in years which is for the fans to have good wrestling to look up to every week.

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