Honestly: AEW Needs Spectacular On-Screen Personalities

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My love for pro wrestling started at the beginning of my childhood when I saw the athleticism, the sheer violence, crazy spots, and the provocative Trish Stratus but what made me stick to watching it throughout the years are the enigmatic characters portrayed by each individual on a weekly basis. You had the undead Undertaker spreading horror to his enemies, the badass Stone Cold Steve Austin living everyone’s American dream of kicking their boss’ ass, and Hollywood A-Lister Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who knows how to keep the millions…and millions of fans electrified throughout the show. These wonderful real-life superhuman characters are what stop channel surfers to stay on the channel and the interactions of these colorful personalities to create spectacular storylines.

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So why AEW seems so tedious to me? Is because the wrestlers are so vanilla. Don’t get me wrong AEW has probably the best athletic wrestlers in history such as my favorite newcomer Dante Martin a but try to explain to someone who’s a newcomer what is their character? If you can’t answer the question within five seconds then you know there is truth in what I’m saying. Even a guy like Luchasaurus who appears as a cartoon character with his dinosaur mask on doesn’t have anything going on for him.

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I understand AEW’s main goal is on putting great matches but WWE proves that matches are only 50% of importance in this crazy sport. Look at Roman Reigns on Smackdown, he doesn’t have to wrestle every week to gain the ratings that are killing RAW and both AEW shows. Hell, I don’t care if he wrestles every day I want to see him on the backstage segments berate The Usos and Paul Heyman. Another great example would be the storyline between Naomi and Sonya Deville in which fans are clamoring online and it was all based on backstage segments and they haven’t had a match yet.

The phrase “sports entertainment” has been ridiculed by fans and pro wrestlers but it seems Vince McMahon knew that the entertainment area is very important. Just imagine watching a superhero movie but the protagonist doesn’t have personality or powers, that is what AEW is to me right now. I believe is time for them to delete their vlogs and put all their creativity into creating personalities for the casual fans and nonfans to care about.

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