Edge and Jeff Hardy Want To Be Rivals One More Time

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It is undeniable that both Jeff Hardy and Edge are two of the greatest athletes to ever step foot in a WWE ring. The two share historic moments together such as the famous Tables Ladders and Chairs match at Wrestlemania or even some incredible matches against one another. 

Jeff Hardy recently spoke to SportsBible and admitted that Edge told him he would like them to be rivals one more time. Some of their greatest feuds even go back to the attitude era with the tag team matches. Jeff Hardy declared:

”Actually, last month I spoke to Edge and I think he said something, ‘I think we gotta do it one more time’. Totally. Even in the Rumble last year, I didn’t last no time – I was in and out and he won the Rumble. I had said beforehand that it would be cool if me and Edge had this face off, just for a moment because of our history.” (H/T Sportskeeda)

Hardy later added that he would rather wait for a moment where both wrestlers are in good shape and ready to engage in what is sure to be an exciting rivalry. Now we’ll have to see what the WWE wants to do with both men and whether they want them to go at it one more time.

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