Chris Jericho’s FOZZY Put On Outstanding Concert In Scotland

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Photo Credit – Ben Loughran

Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy appeared in Glasgow, Scotland for a show as apart of their Save The World tour at The Garage on the 2nd of December.

Last night at The Garage a sold out crowd turned up to see Fozzy as they last performed in Scotland 15 years ago. Many fans were wearing Fozzy and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) merch as well as performing “AEW” chants inside the venue. Before Fozzy took to the stage, two exceptional opening acts performed.

The first band was Stitched Up Heart, the band received a warm welcome from the Glaswegian crowd as they performed their own songs such as “This Skin”, “Warrior” and “This Demon”. After their performance, the second band took to the stage and that band was The Treatment. They help keep the crowd energised with their hit “Shake The Mountain”.

Stitched Up Heart
The Treatment

After the opening acts had finished, the crowd waiting in eager anticipation as the stage was being set up for Fozzy. After a couple minutes of set-up, Fozzy took to the stage with Jericho himself receiving an explosive reaction from the Scottish crowd. They immediately entered into their song “Sane” as the crowd went insane with pure joy. The crowd kept up their energy as Fozzy continued with their other hits such as “Drinkin with Jesus”, “Painless”, “Nowhere to Run”, “Do You Wanna Start a War” and others. Then, Fozzy did a cover of the hit song “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood which was received well by the crowd.

Jericho embracing the crowd’s energy
Fozzy performing as the crowd singalong

After that, Jericho took a minute to speak with the Scottish crowd as they chanted for him and the band as well, they then led the crowd into singing “Three Blind Mice”. Jericho then talked about the local Glasgow scene and how he has enjoyed a meal at a Snax Van (A local meal truck in Glasgow) this then led to a Snax Van chant. Jericho was taken a back and clearly laughing at the chant and would say to the crowd:

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“I knew that was going to happen. The first ever snax van chant at a rock and roll show, right here tonight.”

Jericho would then ask the crowd a question:

“So, anyways guys here’s one of my favourite questions of the night, one of my favourite parts of the night. We’ve had great shows in Glasgow, ever since we came here probably 10-15 years ago, we moved up from The Cat House to The Garage. I think our first show was at a place called The ABC Club or something.”

Jericho laughing with the crowd

The crowd erupted at the mention of the ABC Club and then continued into an ABC chant, this seem to amused Jericho, who then commented:

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“Now if you really want to impress me do a chant of the next three letters of the alphabet.”

To which the crowd obliged and then chanted “DEF” in unison. Jericho then replied back to the crowd after the chant:

“DEF, so we has a snax van chant and the DEF chant and a fucking three blind mice singalong. Where else are ya gonna get that right, you’re not gonna get that a “Bring me to horizon” show I’ll tell you that right fucking now.”

To which the crowd booed the mentioned of “Bring me to Horizon”, Jericho would continue with:

“So, we played the ABC club, we played the Cat House, we played The Garage, which is here and I just wanna tell you guys that this show here tonight is sold out. I think we sold it out 8 weeks ago, so next time we go to the bigger building right, I don’t fucking care what it is put us in the fucking Glasgow arena.”

Fozzy performing as the crowd cheer them on
Fozzy having fun while the crowd laugh and cheer them on
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The crowd then exploded with a “Hydro” chant which is the name of an arena within the heart of Glasgow. Jericho then led Fozzy into performing their song “Enemy” as the crowd joined in to sing along. Fozzy would perform more of their hit songs such as “Lights Go Out”, “Sin and Bones” and others. After they had finished performing their song “Sandpaper”, Jericho then left the stage and fans were puzzled, until the starting cords of Jericho’s AEW theme “Judas” began and the crowd lost it. Jericho allowed the crowd to sing the song just like the audiences do at AEW shows.

Jericho encouraging the crowd to sing “Judas”
Fozzy signing their cover of “Relax”

Fozzy’s final song of the night was a cover of AC/DC’s song “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” which is appropriate for the Glaswegian crowd as two of the founders of AC/DC are Scottish. Finally, after their final song of the night was over, Fozzy lined the stage and bowed to a massive ovation from the crowd who chanted “That was awesome” and then Fozzy left the stage.

Jericho singing with Fozzy

Fozzy are still ongoing with their Save The World Tour as their next stop is Dublin. After this tour is done, Jericho will return to AEW as well as commentate for AEW Rampage. It seems the Scottish crowd will welcome back Jericho and hopefully they can perform next time in the Hydro.

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