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Ben Allison takes an inside look at stories around the wrestling world


Wrestling Republic’s Ben Allison took to twitter revealing the information he was given about how AEW could release CM Punk. What Happened at AEW All Out? AEW has had quite the public relations nightmare every since this year’s Labor Day weekend. The pay per view event Tony Khan had put on was overshadowed by the events that took place later on. Issues took place in the AEW media scrum as well as what happened behind closed doors between CM Punk and multiple Executive Vice Presidents of the company. At the time, then AEW World Champion CM Punk went on what…

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Vince McMahon’s media and entertainment company, WWE, has been at the center of the professional wrestling industry since it’s official creation in 1980. The company has time and time again broken down barriers which many believed would be impossible for a professional wrestling company to break. The mainstream success of Vince McMahon’s dream has positioned him as a genius in the eyes of many business experts, with Forbes currently valuing his net worth at $2B U.S dollars. In its simplest form, McMahon has made grown men wrestling each other, half naked, with a predetermined outcome, a mainstream success across all…

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