Carmelo Hayes Talks Dream Matches, Future goals, and Humble beginnings.

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Photo Credit: WWE and NXT.

 From Breakout to NXT North American champion Carmelo Hayes is one of the most talked about figures in not only wrestling but in the future of professional wrestling seeing how young he is and he decided to sit down with our very own Eric Novak on the All Real Wrestling Podcast.

To get things started Eric wanted to know the story of his beginnings as a pro wrestling and he replied with.

“I was always a fan growing up seeing it on TV and getting hooked on how good these guys were and these guys were just cool with their personalities as well as the look and at that time in the early 90s and 2000s wrestling was hot and I remember looking and saying dang I want to be those guys when I grow up.”

As a follow up Eric would ask about his favorite wrestlers which would include names like Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and the Undertaker. After that they started to dive into                Future Match ups he would like to get into, and he replied with.

“Let’s start with WWE one of the guys I want to have a match with is Seth Rollins because I know it would be great. I hope he gets all the credit for how good he is because he really is that good because he’s one of the best in the world right now along with on the mic and character wise and everything right off the bat that’s a dream match of mine and right behind that would be Roman Reigns because everyone wants to give him sh** because he’s like John Cena but his work is just so clean so first would be Rollins and then Roman.”

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To Wrap things up Carmelo and Eric spoke about how he’s worked with many big names on the independents such as Jon Moxley and Darby Allin and how crowds went from a couple people to big numbers as he’s putting in more work but to wrap it up to say something about himself and what the fans should expect from him.

“My style and type of wrestling is like this. If a person who has never watched wrestling before sees me, I want them to be like he’s cool, and I want to watch wrestling even though I’m not a fan. I want to make them fans and want them to look up to me and I want to inspire people who aren’t fans and I want them to tune into the product and I’ll buy this guy’s merch and they just see that I have a good work ethic, I want people to believe what I’m doing. That’s the biggest takeaway and that’s my goal at the end.”

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