Big Swole Praises Jade Cargill After Championship Win

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Recently on Swole World Podcast, free agent, Big Swole spoke high praise of AEW’s inaugural TBS Champion Jade Cargill: 

“She was there every single time that she was booked. From the moment that she set foot on AEW soil, she was there at training every week, before everybody else. So she was early. She showed up early, ready, and was one of the last ones to leave, because she wanted to learn something. She wanted to get in a ring with people. She wanted to feel it.”

Although Big Swole left AEW in late 2021, she still supports Cargill and loves to see her succeed: 

 “We’ve talked. We’ve discussed. We understand that this right here is a sisterhood. When I told her I was going to be there for her? Like, yeah. I’m going to be there for her.”

Big Swole also talks on some fan’s response to her discourse with Tony Khan

“I know that when those keywords ‘diversity’ (and) ‘representation’ start coming up, things get a little shaky. People start to count the black people. Count the people of color. This is not about numbers.”

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Swole continues, saying that those who thought diversity in AEW solely meant the number of black people in the company. She is disappointed knowing that reasonable people who are mad at her most likely only read the headlines or misunderstood her points. 

 “You have to know that, ‘Of course, they’re not talking about numbers because she sees it. What is she talking about?’ It’s like there’s no comprehension when people are listening. You’re just hearing. And I was taught that active listening requires hearing and comprehension. You have to read between lines,” said Swole. 

For the full podcast, click here

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