Author: Gabriela Boteo

23-year old, lover of wrestling since little! My GOAT is Shawn Michaels and Lita :) Currently studying Communication.

Photo Credit: Braun Strowman twitter Strowman was released by WWE on June 2 due to apparent budget cuts. Since his release, there have been plenty of rumors on which wrestling companies will sign a force like Braun Strowman, besides his 90-day no-compete clause with WWE, meaning that he still gets a check from WWE until the end of August, conversations between the fighter and other promotions have emerged.  Early this week reports and rumors began to circulate about the numbers Strowman ask for an appearance on the independent scene. According to PWInsider in an update on their story, Strowman´s manager has said in…

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Photo Credit: AEW Lion Rush made his first-ever appearance on AEW at the PVV Double or Nothing Revealed as the Joker card on the Casino Battle Royal Lio Rush surprised everyone with his appearance. Although for many this would be the beginning of Lio in AEW unfortunately on June 8 via Twitter Lio Rush announced his retirement from professional wrestling. Throughout the week he has received thousands of support messages from fans, AEW President Tony Khan, and MLW CEO Court Bauer. On the side of New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he is still signed, via Instagram he assured that…

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Photo Credit: WWE Two of the biggest events in sports will take place in Las Vegas on Saturday, August 21 A few days back WWE announced that this year SummerSlam will be the first time that the biggest party of the summer will be held at an NFL stadium, and what a better place than Las Vegas, Nevada, to celebrate the return of the WWE universe. However, a little bit of fear started when one of the most acclaimed boxers announced that he will be stepping back into a boxing ring. On May 21 Manny Pacquiao tweeted that he will…

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