AEW To Release Music Project During Black History Month

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A Hip-Hop music project is in the works to showcase black talent in professional wrestling.

In an interview with DJ Danny Ocean of Hot FM based out of North Carolina, Mark Henry revealed that AEW will be releasing a special Hip-Hop project to commemorate black history month.

“Yeah, and there’s — AEW is gonna come out with, for Black History Month, there’s a Hip Hop compilation that’s being put together right now that I think the world is going to really, really love.

“I always like to see people in our industry cross-brand and reach out and do things that was not expected of them.” – Mark Henry

AEW music producer Mikey Rukus elaborated further via Twitter about the upcoming project:

“This is a celebration of black excellence. It is pure, authentic storytelling. Each star getting an original song written about their come up. We will press a limited commemorative CD for purchase with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.”

Mikey Rukus via Twitter

Ruckus stated that he assembled various producers, musicians, rappers, and artists within the wrestling community to collaborate and tell stories about the black talent in AEW. The big names on this project include Max Caster, Isaiah Kassidy, Lio Rush, Josiah Williams and Sonny Kiss.

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It should also be noted that this project is a chance to showcase underground talent.  These names include R8ed R, Mega Ran, Omega Sparx, Brinson, Blake (Bliz), Sir Tizzy, Cutright, Shokus Apollo, and Monteasy. Will Washington and Righteous Reg of Fightful’s Grapsody podcast are also included.  All the names that are listed have music projects that can be streamed on music platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

Continue following the Wrestling Republic for updates surrounding this project.

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