AEW Star Apologises For Using The N-Word In Tweets When He Was 17

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Photo Credit – All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

An AEW star has taken to social media to apologies for using insensitive language multiple times in his past.

Austin Gunn who is Billy Gunn’s son and apart of Gunn Club in AEW, has taken to his personal social media to apologise after it emerged, he had used the N-word many times back in 2013 while attending college.

Gunn would state on his personal twitter:

“Extremely insensitive tweets/replies I made when I was 17 years old in 2013 have been brought to my attention. I don’t have the words to describe how I’m feeling right now. There is no excusive for it, and I am deeply sorry. AEW regularly provides excellent sensitivity programs that I have attended multiple times. I want to continue to learn from my mistakes, improve my view on the world, and strive to be a person my parents would be proud of. I was not raised this way, I do not condone this behaviour or the use of these words, and I am extremely sorry. Thank you for reading this.”

Gunn has stated he took sensitivity classes while at college and continues to attended the classes provided by AEW.

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You can see Gunn’s tweet down below:

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